Courses in Phrase

Phrase Intro

Is translation part of your job? Would you like a new tool to work more efficiently and at the same time improve the quality of your texts? If so, you should try Phrase.

Phrase is a cloud-based translation tool which gives all translators at AU the chance to contribute to and draw on the same translation memories. Starting to use Phrase is easy, the program is easy to use, and you will be able to work independently in the program after the first intro workshop.

Get off to a good start with Phrase

AU Communication is now offering all AU language employees the opportunity to start using Phrase in their day-to-day work – completely free of charge.

You get:

  • a project manager licence, which gives you access to AU's online translation community where everyone who translates for AU can draw on and contribute to shared translation memories and terminology databases
  • a free course consisting of two three-hour workshops: an intro workshop followed by a 'Phrase II' course, where you learn to work with termbases and become even better at using the tool effectively
  • continuous guidance/support.


Lenore Messick, Coordinator for AU Language Services and Memsource superuser  


Target group

Language professionals/translators at AU.