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Taking holiday and special holidays

Holiday days

Holiday must be taken before the end of the holiday year on 30 April.

Holidays should be planned through dialogue between the manager and the employee according to the locally agreed procedure for taking holiday. Your requests for the timing of your holiday must be met as far as possible. You are entitled to three consecutive weeks of holiday (= 15 holiday days) in the period from 1 May to 30 September (main holiday). 

Holiday planning must ensure that essential functions can be maintained.

If no local procedure has been agreed, holiday should be scheduled as follows:

The manager sends a holiday form to the employees before 1 February. Here you can enter your preferred dates for taking holiday. If your requested holiday dates are accepted, these dates will then be considered to be confirmed. Changes to the specified holiday may be agreed subsequently, if you wish and if your job permits it. The manager’s response to the request for holiday must be given in good time, and as far as possible by 1 April.

For employees who have accrued their full holiday entitlement but have not agreed on their holiday dates with their immediate supervisor before the locally agreed deadlinesthe holiday days will be scheduled as follows: 

  • 4 weeks in July (weeks 27-30 inclusive)
  • 1 week around Christmas and New Year (23 December, the days between Christmas and New Year, and any remaining days immediately after New Year)

Changes to the specified holiday may be agreed subsequently, if you wish and if your job permits it.

The above will also apply if you are a new employee and have accrued partial holiday entitlement.

You can view your holiday records on (Self-service).

Your manager may change an agreed holiday if there are compelling reasons to do so. This will qualify for compensation under the applicable rules.

Transferred holiday days must be taken before ordinary holiday.

Altered working hours: Changes to your working hours will affect the salary paid when you take holiday or special holidays. Salary paid while you are on holiday will be calculated according to the number of hours you worked when you earned the entitlement to the holiday.

If, for example, you were employed for 18.5 hours a week in one calendar year and this went up to 37 hours a week from 1 March of the following year, the salary paid for holiday days taken in the next holiday year will be based on the 18.5 hours.

For fixed-term employees, such as PhD fellows, research assistants, etc., a proportion of the accrued holiday entitlement must be taken before the end of the period of employment where possible.

New employees

The intention that holiday should normally be taken also applies to new employees with holiday entitlement accrued with another employer. The holiday will be arranged according to the same guidelines as described above. The guidelines regarding notice of holiday apply as well. In the holiday period, salary will not be paid by the university, but a holiday deduction will be made in proportion to the number of holiday days accrued.

New employees who were not previously employed at another place of work are entitled, but not obliged, to take up to 25 days of holiday. This holiday will be unpaid.

Special holidays

Special holidays must be taken before 30 April.

Employees who can take special holidays

  • Employees who have accrued special holidays from Aarhus University
  • Employees who cannot take special holidays
  • Employees who have accrued special holidays from other employers

That means that you are not entitled to take special holidays without pay.

Special holidays may be taken by agreement with your manager. Where the timing of special holidays has not been agreed, they must be taken in line with the procedure described above.

For employees who have accrued special holidays but have not agreed with their immediate supervisor on when to take them within the locally agreed time limits, the special holidays will be scheduled as follows: 

  • 2 days during the autumn break (week 42)
  • 3 days before Easter

Notice of holiday days and special holidays

If it is not possible to schedule an employee’s holiday in accordance with the above guidelines, the employer may decide when the employee is to take holiday. Notice must be given to the employee in accordance with the Danish Holiday Act.        

  • Main holiday:

Three months’ notice must be given for the main holiday.

  • Remaining holiday:

One month’s notice must be given for remaining holiday.  

  • Special holidays:

One month’s notice must be given for special holidays. Notice can only be given for special holidays to be taken after 1 January.

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