Appointment committees for technical/administrative positions

  • The guidelines apply to both managerial and non-managerial positions in the technical and administrative area.
  • The guidelines apply to salaried positions only.
  • There is a special process for the appointment of deans, vice-deans and department heads.

Advisory appointment committees

The purpose of laying down guidelines for the appointment and composition of advisory appointment committees is to support professionalism, diversity and equality when Aarhus University recruits employees in the technical and administrative area.

Technical/administrative positions for at least 1 year

Vacancies for jobs lasting at least 1 year must be advertised and an advisory appointment committee must be appointed to assist with the recruitment process.

Technical/administrative appointments for less than 1 year

Vacancies for jobs lasting less than 1 year may be advertised and an advisory apppointment committee may be appointed. If an advisory appointment committee is not appointed, the relevant union representative must be involved in the planned appointment.

Appointment and composition of advisory appointment committees

The relevant dean/department head/administrative manager must appoint an advisory appointment committee consisting of both management and employee representatives by the deadline for applications. The appointment committee consists of the dean/department head/deputy director or his/her representative and two employee representatives from the relevant unit. There can either be one representative of the acadeemic staff and one representative of technical and administrative staff or two representatives of the technical and administrative staff. If it is deemed necessary, more members can be added to the appointment committee in special cases.

The aim should be for both genders to be represented on the appointment committee.

The committee is chaired by the dean/department head/deputy director or a person authorised by him/her. The chair is responsible for stressing to the committee members the demand for complete confidentiality with regard to applications and the consequences of any legal incapacity.

Based on the job interviews, the advisory appointment committee draws up a recommendation regarding which candidate to appoint. The committee can recommend several candidates in order of priority.

The relevant HR unit assists the advisory appointment committee throughout the recruitment process.

With regard to pay negotiations for new employees, please see the relevant description.


In the event of any inconsistency between the Danish and English language versions of the document, the Danish version prevails.