Pension on resignation

When an employee resigns, Aarhus University will no longer pay pension contributions. The employee is responsible for contacting the pension provider to make new arrangements. The employee may, for example, choose to suspend his or her pension contributions or to transfer the funds to another pension provider used by the new employer, if the employee has found new work.

Calculating pension for public servants (Tjenestemænd)

As a general rule, it is a condition for retiring with pension due to age, health or other unforeseeable cause, such as elimination of positions, that the employee has been employed for at least 10 years of full-time equivalent employment in a position with pension entitlement.

If the public servant has lost at least two-thirds of his or her capacity for work, or if the resignation is due to a work-related injury, the requirement for 10 years of employment will not apply.

If the public servant retires voluntarily due to old age before the state pension retirement age, his or her pension will be reduced.

Special rules on the calculation of pension apply if the public servant has been employed with limited tenure.

In accordance with the Act on Public Servant Pension (Tjenestemandspensionsloven), the pension is calculated based on the public servant’s retirement age and the pensionable salary.

The pension is calculated by the Danish Agency for Governmental Management (Statens Administration).

Further information on retirement age, increased retirement age, calculation of private pension, spouse’s pension etc. are set out in the Danish State Employer’s Administrative Guidelines (Personalestyrelsens Administrative Vejledning).

Public servants and other employees entitled to a public servant pension will find a statement of the pension on, where it is also possible to calculate the pension amount at retirement on a chosen date. The pension statement normally shows the pension amount at retirement at the age of 60, 62 and 65; however, the site also contains a feature where the user can select another retirement age, such as 61 or 64.