How to find your AUID

A guide on how to find your AUID or other AU employees’ AUID is available here.

How to find your AUID

You can find your AUID on your staff profile at the top right of

How to look up an AUID in Outlook

You can use Outlook’s address book to look up the AUID for all members of AU staff.

  1. Open the address book in Outlook.


2. If you know the AUID and want to find out which employee it belongs to, you can search by selecting ‘More columns’, writing the AUID and pressing ‘Search’ or ‘Enter’.


3. If you know the person’s name and want to find this person’s AUID, you can search by selecting ‘Name only’, writing the person’s name (please note that you must write the person’s full name) and pressing ‘Search’ or ‘Enter’. You can then see the person’s AUID in the ‘Alias’ field.

Find AUID on mac