How to use AV and video conference

AV (audiovisual equipment for sound and images)

  • In all rooms with AV equipment you will find an information note with three important phone numbers for urgent help and a manual to the AV equipment.
  • In all auditoriums you'll find a PC on the desk. Login for the pc is written in the room and it is the same login to all auditorium pc's.
  • If an auditorium pc is locked by another user, you can turn off the pc by pushing the on/off button for a few seconds until the pc turns off. Restart and login as usual.
  • How to connect your MAC to a projector

Video conference equipment

AU has a number of conference rooms with video conference equipment. The rooms make it possible to meet across AU locations and with external business partners. The conference room or mobile equipment must be booked in Outlook. If you need more than to conference rooms, please use the virtual conference rooms instead.

Read more about video conference equipment. 

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a conference system with file sharing, whiteboard function and much more. The system works very well for teaching. 

You can use Adobe Connect free of charge at AU as part of an agreement with DEIC. Adobe Connect can only be used from a computer and you cannot book the room in Outlook.

How to use Adobe Connect:

  • To start a meeting via Adobe Connect, you open and choose Aarhus University on the list followed by "Confirm selection and login".
  • You will now be transferred to where you can type in your username and password.
  • Accept via the "Yes, I accept" button.
  • You will now receive an email with a link to your conference room.
  • If you want to invite external persons (persons outside AU) to participate in your meeting, you can give them access to Adobe Connect via


Skype for Business

Skype can be used with the existing video conference systems, or it can be used on it's own.

Find more information about skype here


Teams allows members of a team to chat, conduct conversations, hold virtual meetings and share files with each other.

Teams can also be used with the existing video conference systems

Tools for online meetings

Read more about the differences between Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom. What to use when?