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The intended purpose for VPN connections is that you can access some of AU' services even when you are not at AU, at home for instance. Some services are not accessible from outside AU.

Manuals to AU-ACCESS (universal vpn)

Students who are logged on to Eduroam can use AU-ACCESS. It is not necessary to contact IT-support to get access.

If you need to access files on your AU file shares or access other more specific resources, you must use VPN for employees. See instructions below.

Please notice: Login method has changed, please use [au] as username. New manuals are ready.

Manuals for AU employees


Accessing VPN two step verirfication

Two step verification enrollment 

  • log on to,
  • Click 2-setup verification (Have your NemID close by as well as your smartphone). If you do not have NemID you must contact your local IT support.
  • You will be asked to sign in using NemID. When done, click 2-step verification again
  • Follow the steps on the screen

Read an extensive guide for two-step enrollment here

Log on using two step verification

  • Type your username ( and password in the Cisco Anyconnect client.
  • The app, NetIQ Advanced Authentication on you smartphone, will ask you to accept the login. Press accept in the app.

If you smartphone is offline

If you can't connect to a dataconnection(4G) or wifi, then you can't recieve an autentication request from the two step authentication server.

Instead you can type the code shown in the NetIQ Advanced Authentication app
Type the password in the following way

  • Username:
  • Password: xxxxxxxxxxx&<the code from the app>   (Remember the &-sign after your password and before the code from the APP)

VPN manuals




Manuals to consultants

VPN using two step verification

How to enroll the consulant into two step verification

Whoever is responsible for the external consultant should make shure the the consultants mobilephone and emailadress is in the AD (active directory).

Logon usin twostep verirification

When loggin in the consultant will get a passcode by sms, send to the mobil phone number. 

Read more about two step verirfication here

Manuals for external consultans


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