Innovative Europe

Would you like to be part of creating new innovative solutions that contribute to new market-creating breakthroughs and growth? If so, the pillar “Innovative Europe” could be for you. This pillar focuses on establishing a more cohesive innovation ecosystem that can bring together stakeholders from research, education and the private sector to create new solutions for the benefit of society.

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European Innovation Council

The European Innovation Council (EIC) is divided into three main sub-programmes:

1) EIC Pathfinder: Pathfinder Open and Pathfinder Challenges. Pathfinder Open supports research within all areas of research and technology that lead towards high-risk/high-gain technological breakthroughs based on interdisciplinary research. Pathfinder Challenges supports high-risk/high-gain research within the thematic technology areas described in the EIC work programmes. Read more about EIC Pathfinder and download work programmes with the most recent calls here.

2) EIC Transition finances innovation activities that go beyond the “experimental proof of principle”. Transition supports i) maturing and validating of new technology in the laboratory and in relevant application environments; ii) developing of a business case aimed at future commercialisation.  Read more about EIC Transition and download work programmes with the most recent calls here.

3) EIC Accelerator provides grants or loans for innovative projects in small and medium-sized businesses. Read more about EIC Accelerator and download work programmes with the most recent calls here.

Read more about EIC opportunities here.

European Innovation Ecosystems

The European Innovation Ecosystems initiative aims to create more interconnected, inclusive and efficient innovation ecosystems that can support the scaling of companies and stimulate collaboration between national, regional and local innovation stakeholders with a view to solving important societal challenges in a sustainable and responsible manner. Read more about the opportunities within European Innovation Ecosystems and download work programmes with the most recent calls here.

European Institute of Innovation and Technology

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) was established in 2008 to create a dynamic, long-term European innovation partnership between leading companies, research laboratories and higher education institutions. These partnerships are created as “EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities” (KICs). Read more about EIT and Knowledge and Innovation Communities here.