Business collaboration and innovation at Aarhus University

Aarhus University focuses its efforts on business collaboration and innovation and aims to create growth and development in all of society by:

  • creating an excellent framework for collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Aarhus University, including ensuring the necessary funding.
  • forging greater visibility, overview and accessibility for external stakeholders across faculties and academic groups.
  • contributing to and accelerating cultural change towards the entrepreneurial university in which business collaboration and innovation are a natural and equal part of university life.

The business initiative at Aarhus University takes its outset in Strategy 2025 and is rooted in strategic focus on collaboration:

  • Contributing to society’s development and prosperity
  • Graduates for the labour market of the future 

AU grant fuels entrepreneurial ambition among researchers and students

[Translate to English:] Forskerne Line Dubois og Malthe Hansen vil indtage udlandet med virksomheden MedicQuant. De har modtaget næsten 200.000 kr. fra AU Launch til at komme ind på markeder i Europa og USA. Foto: AU
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Applications are flooding in for the entrepreneurial grant AU Launch, which is putting an end to a lack of investment for start-ups at Aarhus University. The first round of applications has resulted in a financial boost for seven promising companies.


From literary history to LEGO bricks: Jakob Gaardbo Nielsen took the private sector plunge

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Jakob Gaardbo Nielsen decides how LEGO’s products speak to you. But a career at one of Denmark’s largest companies wasn’t always in the cards for this literary historian.

She abandoned her dream of a research career to help make sure no child is left behind

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As a PhD student, Maj Sofie Rasmussen conducted research into children’s and young people’s school engagement. Today, she draws on her research background in the children’s rights organisation Børns Vilkår. But the path to her current job wasn’t a straight one. Based on her own experience, she shares good advice for the researchers of the future who are considering a career in the private sector.