Business collaboration and innovation at Aarhus University

Aarhus University focuses its efforts on business collaboration and innovation and aims to create growth and development in all of society by:

  • creating an excellent framework for collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Aarhus University, including ensuring the necessary funding.
  • forging greater visibility, overview and accessibility for external stakeholders across faculties and academic groups.
  • contributing to and accelerating cultural change towards the entrepreneurial university in which business collaboration and innovation are a natural and equal part of university life.

The business initiative at Aarhus University takes its outset in Strategy 2025 and is rooted in strategic focus on collaboration:

  • Contributing to society’s development and prosperity
  • Graduates for the labour market of the future 

New AU grant will boost business ideas with big potential

Applicants can receive up to DKK 500,000. For example, the money could be used to purchase specialist or consultancy services, rent laboratories or buy high-tech equipment. Photo: AU
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Aarhus University wants to use a new grant to help its enterprising researchers and students at the beginning of their entrepreneurial careers. The initiative will put an end to a lack of access to venture capital for untested business concepts at the university.

Novo-supported fund wants to find new life sciences successes at Aarhus University

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Aarhus University’s entrepreneurial hub for students and researchers, The Kitchen, is entering a collaboration agreement with the BioInnovation Institute (BII) that will strengthen the university’s focus on entrepreneurship within the life sciences.

If fate opens a door, you have to see what’s behind it

When studying at AU, journalist and cycling expert Brian Nygaard believed his degree in philosophy could only lead to a career in research or teaching. But, after graduating, he became head of press for a cycling team. Read ‘five questions’ with the philosophy alumnus and cycling enthusiast, who is also involved in wine production – and still vividly remembers his old teachers.