Digital Infrastructure for external relations – AU CRM

The Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is one of the systems that will support the business activities at AU in the future and ensure professional monitoring and coordination of the university's external contacts and relations.

In the long term, AU CRM will be the authoritative system for business data for AU by collecting, maintaining and exhibiting data internally at AU. In addition to collecting and managing data, AU CRM is also a communication tool for external relations, as AU CRM contains a newsletter module.

AU CRM consists of two parts: a project part and an operational part.  

Project 829 – CRM for external relations

One of the project's main activities is currently technical consolidation of the system, which includes integration with AU's event management system, Conference Manager (CM), and STADS.

The project has an external advisory group that has identified and prioritised areas and topics for future focus in the project.

In future, working groups will be set up to work together with the project group and the steering committee to analyse the various topics with a view to selecting the three upcoming focus areas to be implemented. 

AU CRM - operation of existing solutions

  • The following tasks are part of the day-to-day operation of AU CRM:
  • Newsletter management and support
  • Partnerships - help to form an overview of external agreements
  • System support for alumni networks, etc.
  • Event management with unpaid events (to be transferred to Conference Manager in the long term)
  • General support for CRM users