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You are guaranteed a broad audience if you register for the Festival of Research with your presentation or stand – or maybe something else entirely. Photo: Ida Jensen/AU.

2019.02.21 | Knowledge exchange

Increase awareness of your research – join the Festival of Research

Aarhus University will once again be opening its doors to a festival of research – and this year the theme is ‘Fascinating research’. The event takes place in and around Stakladen from 14:00 to 18:00 on Wednesday 24 April. Would you like to join? Then don’t delay and register now so you can take advantage of the opportunity to present your…

2019.03.08 | Arts

New centre offers more digital opportunities for researchers at Arts

Digital technologies are an important tool for handling large data sets as well as systematising and locating patterns in qualitative source material. Therefore, a new centre has been established at the Faculty of Arts to support research projects in the humanities at Aarhus University and to develop new digital tools facilitating the researchers’…

2019.02.22 | Arts

New portfolio of supplementary subjects in the pipeline

A decision has now been made as to which supplementary subjects the Faculty of Arts will be offering in future.

2018.12.18 | Staff

The dean’s Christmas message 2018

Johnny Laursen looks back at 2018 and hopes that all staff and students at the Faculty of Arts have a Happy Christmas.

Photo: Colourbox

2018.11.29 | Staff

Light at Arts

"Let there be light", as someone once said. During Christmas time we like to have lights everywhere to spread joy and keep away the dark. But if you want to this at the office you must use LED lights for safety reasons. At Aarhus University we say: "Let there be LED lights".  - Lars Mitens, Technical Manager Arts

Photo: AU Foto

2018.11.19 | Arts

Government initiative affects the academic development at Arts

We knew that the government’s resizing initiative was going to have an effect on degree programmes taught in English. And we knew that funding for programmes which only have a few students was also going to be affected. But until now we did not know exactly how much impact these two measures would have on the academic development of the Faculty of…

2018.10.05 | Staff

AU Evacuate out of service

Due to a ransomware attack on the data stored in AU Evacuate, the evacuation app is currently out of service.

2018.06.06 | Administrative conditions

Remember the new rules for compliance with requirements for re-examinations

The summer exams have now started and Arts Studies Administration is reminding you that there are new rules covering student compliance with requirements for re-examinations.

Dean Johnny Laursen, Faculty of Arts

2018.05.17 | Arts

Changes in long-term financial outlook for Arts

The DKK 29 million surplus for 2017 at the Faculty of Arts has given Dean Johnny Laursen reasons to believe that there is less need to ‘cry wolf’.

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2018.03.19 | Education

New deadline for complying with re-examination prerequisites

A lot of students and teachers are uncertain about the deadlines for complying with prerequisites for taking re-examinations. This uncertainty leads to more cancelled exams and confusion for all concerned.

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