Workzone at Aarhus BSS

Workzone is the case and document management system at AU. It supports knowledge sharing across the organisation and ensures compliance with the university’s document management obligations, e.g. in relation to case processing and administration of research projects.

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What is Workzone?

Workzone is AU’s ESDH system (electronic case and document management system). Workzone is used to file cases. Workzone is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, so you can file directly from your usual programmes: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Below, you will find a description of the overall principles for filing documents under a case in Workzone.

What is a case?

A case is like a physical folder in which you store all the documents, emails, notes and similar that you are obligated to file. There must be a separate case for each task/project.

What do I need to file?

Just like any other public authority, AU is legally obligated to document that the work and decisions at the university are carried out in accordance with the principles for good administrative practice, and that the university’s funds and areas of responsibilities are administered correctly.

For this reason, all employees at AU are subject to a filing obligation and responsible (within their area of work) for filing all relevant documents, letters, incoming and outgoing emails, notes, minutes, notes from conversations on the phone etc.

Please note that you only need to file emails/documents in relation to contractual and administrative work on a task or research project.

What is the obligation to take notes?

Please be aware that you have an obligation to take note of information that you receive or give verbally, and which may be of decisive importance to a case. As the person responsible for a case, you are obligated to take notes and save them on the case. One way to do so is by sending an email to yourself and saving it on the case.

Please ensure that the subject field of the email is descriptive of its content, as the filing system will use the subject field as the title of the document in question. You may choose to have the people you spoke with comment on the note to ensure that you agree on its content.

How often should I file?

AU has made a security decision stating that staff may not store sensitive and confidential personal data outside Workzone for any longer than what is relevant to the case in question, and for no more than 30 days maximum.

As a general rule, you should therefore file emails in Workzone as soon as possible after receiving/sending them. It is considered good administrative practice to file emails on an ongoing basis as you send or receive them. In case of an extended string of emails on the same subject and with the same recipients, it is sufficient to file the last email you have sent or received (however, it is not always possible to know in advance which email will be the last one).

Remember to consider whether attachments to the email should be filed as well. If you do not wish to file attachments, you may uncheck the mark next to the relevant documents in the dialogue box when you file the email.

Who can access my cases?

As a general rule, cases you create in Workzone will be accessible to everyone at AU. However, it is possible to specify access rights for a case and thus decide which people or groups of people may access the case.

Regardless of whether limited access rights apply to a case, you may only access cases relevant in a work context, and all access to Workzone is logged. If you access cases that are not relevant to your work, this will be considered a breach of your responsibilities and may result in disciplinary action. This means that it is safe to file documents and correspondence under a case in Workzone.

More information on Workzone

Workzone is AU’s electronic case and document management system, also known as an ESDH system.

Employees at AU use Workzone for filling documents in relation to a variety of administrative tasks. For instance, for filing decisions made by AU as a public authority. Workzone is also used for filing in relation to local case processing at faculty and departmental level as well as in relation to research projects, including the processing of personal data.