Honorary doctorate 2023: Professor Hartmut Rosa (Faculty of Arts)


We are living in a high-speed society in which the modern individual feels alienated. It is therefore important that we work towards a society with more opportunities for resonance, where the world is able to speak to us in many different ways – and where we are also able to open ourselves to the spiritual dimension.

These are some of the thoughts of the esteemed German sociologist Hartmut Rosa from the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. Hartmut Rosa has written several books about time, acceleration and resonance in late modernity. His groundbreaking ideas have been applied in a wide variety of disciplines, including anthropological studies of modern medicine, theology, aesthetics, media and cultural studies, philosophy and education.

Hartmut Rosa has a strong connection to the humanities research environments at Aarhus University, which he has visited on several occasions as a keynote conference speaker. On 14 September 2023, Hartmut Rosa will return to Aarhus University to hold a presentation as part of the Future Lecture Series.

Read more about Hartmut Rosa on his website