Honorary Doctorate 2023: Professor Kaushik Roy (Faculty of Technical Sciences)


Microchip design is recognised as an important topic around the world, and Professor Kaushik Roy from Purdue University in the USA has provided crucial research insights on the subject. He is one of the world’s leading researchers in low-power and energy-efficient circuit and system design, and his current research focuses on cognitive algorithms as well as circuits and architecture for energy-efficient machine learning.

Professor Kaushik Roy is the director of the Center of Brain Inspired Computing, which involves nine universities, and he has received several awards throughout his career.

Professor Kaushik Roy collaborates closely with researchers at Aarhus University and is part of the advisory board for the SPINAGE research project, which is developing a completely new computer system that mimics the human brain. His honorary doctorate will enable him to further expand this collaboration within the area of brain-inspired technologies.