Honorary Doctorate 2023: Professor Timothy L. Lash (Faculty of Health)


How should we deal with bias in epidemiological and clinical research? By developing a theoretical and mathematical basis for bias analyses, the leading American epidemiologist Timothy L. Lash from Emory University has provided a number of answers to this important question.

He has also made significant contributions within cancer epidemiology and is the main author of the most used and cited textbooks on epidemiology across the world: Modern Epidemiology and Applying Quantitative Bias Analysis to Epi-demiologic Data.

Timothy L. Lash has close ties to Aarhus University, where he is an affiliated professor. He has published more than 160 articles in collaboration with AU researchers on topics ranging from bias analyses to breast cancer. In addition to his affiliation with the Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Timothy L. Lash has collaborated with several clinical departments at Aarhus University Hospital, including the Department of Oncology, the Department of Molecular Medicine, the Department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology, and the Department of Cardiology.

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