Project Management Course

This education will provide the participants with the fundamentals within project management, both within the management of the projects and within the leadership of projects. The education is based on thorough theoretical perspectives which in all cases will be related to the participants everyday-project-management-needs.

The education consists of five modules – the first four are two days each and number five is one day long.

Module 1: Classical project management part 1

  • How to set goals for your project.
  • How to ensure, that the project participants have a shared understanding of what the goals are.
  • How to break down the goals into assignments, that can be used to make a plan for the project.

Module 2: Classical project management part 2

  • How to estimate time related to the assignments of the project.
  • How to analyse and map the risks of the project.
  • How to make a thorough stakeholder analysis and how to achieve good relations to the stakeholders.
  • How to plan for the project.

Module 3: Dynamic and agile project management and relational approaches

  • How to approach the projects if the environment is considered ever changing and frequent adjustments are called for.
  • Who are you as a project manager.
  • How to manage yourself as a project manager.
  • How to understand the relational aspects of project management.

Module 4: Project leadership: How to understand leadership.

  • How to apply leadership in the role of the project manager.
  • How to ensure a sufficient level of psychological safety in the team.
  • How to understand and master dialogical practises.
  • How to facilitate meetings.

Module 5: Strategic anchoring and profit realization

  • What is program and portfolio management and how to handle it.
  • How to evaluate projects?
  • What have we learned throughout the course and what are good ways to proceed from here.

Duration and place

The entire education runs over 9 days and all teaching takes place on the campus in Aarhus.
All days are from 9.00 to 16.00.

Interested in Project Management Course?

If you are interested in this courses held in English, you can express your interest here. If we can see that a significant number of employees share your interest, we will create a course and contact you.