Tax advice for our international staff

Aarhus University has entered into an agreement with the accounting firm Deloitte to provide tax advice to staff recruited from abroad and to staff posted abroad.

Tax advice at a fixed price

Under the agreement, managers can offer tax advice from Deloitte at a fixed price in connection with onboarding of international staff as well as posting staff abroad.

Under the agreement, the following tax advice packages are available:

  • Introduction to the Danish tax system and advice on the employee's tax situation, social security, pension etc. when employed in Denmark
  • Advice on the employee's tax situation, social security, pension etc. as an AU staff member posted abroad
  • Help preparing tax returns for international staff
  • Help preparing tax returns for accompanying partner
  • Help preparing a preliminary income assessment

Social security benefits

Deloitte can also advise HR departments with regard to employer obligations in countries other than Denmark (typically international social security). The HR departments will pay a specified amount for that service.

Examples of taxation

Examples of how different job categories are typically taxed have been added to the AU HR webpages. You’ll find them under Taxation of researchers

Payment for tax advice

Payment is settled directly with Deloitte.

In connection with the recruitment of international staff, Aarhus University (as employer) can pay for the introduction to the Danish tax system and the personal advisory sessions that the package contains. We can also pay for the packages for our staff in connection with postings abroad.

However, staff must pay for help with preparing tax returns and preliminary income assessments themselves. This also applies if staff would like more tax advice than what is included in the standard packages.

When Deloitte advises AU on our obligations as an employer (such as social security), this at the university’s expense.

What is HR’s role?

We ask that you inform relevant hiring managers of this offer.

Remember that the head of department/school must approve any expenses related to tax advice.

Either HR or the staff member who needs advice can contact Deloitte.

They should fill out this form and send it to Kathe Kristensen at Deloitte (

I you have questions?

Contact the Employment Law team if you have any questions.

More information about tax in English targeted at international staff is available on the webpage Taxation when working or conducting research at Aarhus University