The good offboarding

When an employee quits, you as a manager should inform about it as soon as possible. This is important for both business partners and the closest colleagues.

Distribute tasks and start the handover in good time

When an employee quits, a great deal of knowledge about how many tasks are solved disappears with the employee - and as a manager you should therefore make a plan for task handover and knowledge transfer as soon as possible.

Make sure that you, the resigning colleague and those who are to take over tasks meet regularly - and together ensure that the handover goes according to plan.

Hold a resignation interview

Resignation interviews give you the opportunity to do two things:

  • You can formally and properly say goodbye to your employee - and let him or her say a formal farewell to Aarhus University.
  • And partly the conversation can make you wiser about your unit/department's strengths and challenges-  and your own management.

Finally, you also get an insight into what skills are needed in connection with re-filling the position - and whether the position needs to be adapted before it can be re-filled.

It is voluntary if the employee wants a resignation interview - but please invite early after termination.

A good farewell to colleagues

Regardless of the reason, it is a big decision to change jobs and workplaces. Often the last working day is marked with some form of social event, where the closest colleagues can say goodbye.

If the termination comes from an international employee, or an employee who works on distance from his colleagues, you should still consider how it can - possibly virtual - be arranged for a farewell between colleagues.

Delivery of material

The employee presumably has a number of equipment (PC, telephone, keys, access card, etc.) that belong to Aarhus University - and you must make sure that you make a plan for the employee to hand it all in before the resignation date.