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Psychological work environment

A healthy psychological work environment is imperative to ensure job satisfaction and well-being in the workplace. A healthy psychological work environment means that there is a balance between the demands made on the employee and the resources and skills he or she possesses to meet what is required. If there is imbalance, there is an increased risk of stress, conflict, dissatisfaction, more sick leave, etc.

In many cases, problems associated with the psychological work environment may in fact be connected to entirely different influences, for example, a poor indoor climate or other adverse physical conditions. In order to resolve issues related to the psychological work environment, it is therefore important in the initial stages to identify all potential contributory factors. 

Where the psychological work environment is concerned, the work environment organisation has a clear responsibility in its work with workplace assessments (known as APVs), which include questions about the psychological work environment at the workplace.  Issues related to bullying, sexual harassment and burnout will most often be tackled by the liaison committee and union representatives.

The Danish Working Environment Authority (Arbejdtilsynet) has prepared a psychological work environment manual.  The manual is intended for use as a reference book, in which to find information on the psychological work environment, work-related stress, burnout, bullying, etc.

The Work Environment Knowledge Centre (Videncenter for arbejdsmiljø) also provides a good description of the psychological work environment, including good descriptions and references to other sources of information on stress, bullying, working requirements, cooperation and conflict, etc.

Stress and well-being are themes within the psychological work environment and in these pages you will be able to learn more about both.

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