Psychological work environment

A good psychological work environment is a fundamental prerequisite for satisfaction and well-being at work. It is Aarhus University’s goal to develop and maintain a healthy and good work environment for all AU employees.

If you experience mental overload, stress, offensive behaviour or anything else that affects your well-being, you can find help and guidance on this website.

In need of external consultancy?

Does your unit need external consultancy and guidance regarding psychological work environment matters, in addition to what you can find on this website? 

Click here to see which external consultancy firms we have made agreements with

Consultancy costs are paid locally.  


Tel. 7010 8600, 


Psychological work environment: Sara Lundhus, tel. 2310 3077, 

Physical work environment: Pernille Vedsted, tel. 3177 8082, 


Psychological work environment: Bent Berthold Schultz, tel. 3010 9640,     

Physical work environment: Katrine von Schimmelmann, tel. 6026 1917,