Workplace culture at AU

The senior management team, the Main Liaison Committee and the Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee have launched a long-term initiative concerning workplace culture. This initiative is launched to make AU an even better workplace with collaboration across disciplines and organisational units and to increase our awareness about responsibility, habits, tone of communication, etc.

A good workplace culture must contribute positively to our shared core task and is part of the goals in AU’s strategy 2020-2025.

The workplace culture is embedded in AU’s staff policy (norms for daily working life) and must support a healthy balance between assignments, time and quality for all employees.

A good workplace culture is a prerequisite for succeeding with the further development of the university’s core tasks, and therefore managers, employees, occupational health and safety representatives and union representatives all play key roles in the dialogue about workplace culture.    

Culture Check - a dialogue tool

You can use the Culture Check tool to create a common picture of your existing and desired culture.

Download the Culture Check dialogue tool

Managers (and any others) who are going to facilitate a dialogue about culture can find specific inspiration about this in the following procesguide. 

Download the process guide to the Culture Check dialogue tool