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Psychological Counselling Service

Psychological counselling

AU has entered an agreement with Dansk Krisekorps, a health advisory company, to provide psychological counselling for all the University's employees.

A joint scheme to provide acute psychological counselling is an important element in Aarhus University's efforts to combat stress, crisis and cooperation problems in situations which could affect the employee's capacity to work.  The cause of the crisis must be work-related.The scheme will give employees access to third-party psychological counselling.

Aarhus University has chosen a scheme which comprises both consultation on referral and anonymous counselling.

Dansk Krisekorps can be contacted by phone on:

  • 7022 7612 (9-15 on weekdays) or 7022 7610 (acute)

You can also write to, who will call you as soon as possible within working hours on weekdays.

It is possible to receive psychological counselling in English.

If you have any questions about the scheme, you are welcome to contact AU HR, Organizational Development and Work Environment, Team Work Environment or your HR partner, who will process your inquiry as confidential.

Consultation on referral

Via the referral scheme it is possible to get five hours of consultation with a psychologist or any other therapist/advisor.

To apply for referral, the employee must ask his or her immediate superior. As employee you can choose to involve a union representative in this phase. When the immediate superior has been informed of the issue and has authorised funding of five hours of consultation, the manager will then contact Dansk Krisekorps on:

  • (the employee will then be contacted within 24 hours on weekdays) or
  • 7022 7612 (9-15 on weekdays) or 7022 7610 (acute)

When Danish Krisekorps is contacted, the following must be disclosed:

  • Name of employee
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number (private)
  • Place of employment: faculty/department/center (academic area), administration center or administrative division (administration area)

Dansk Krisekorps will then contact the employee to make an appointment for an introductory interview. Subsequently, a fully confidential process with a licensed psychologist or any other therapist/advisor is set up. After five hours of consultation the employee and the manager are responsible for agreeing on a plan of action in relation to the employee's present and future work situation.    

For the manager, it is important to ensure that the relevant HR partner is involved at an early stage of (and preferably throughout) the referral. AU HR recommends that the manager and employee hold one meeting halfway through the counselling and one meeting after the final consultation (after about 8-10 weeks).

In the event of a referral, only the referral date and number of consultations will be registered.

Anonymous counselling

To obtain anonymous counselling, it is possible to contact Dansk Krisekorps directly on:

  • (the employee will then be contacted within 24 hours on weekdays) or
  • 7022 7612 (9-15 on weekdays) or 7022 7610 (acute)

A confidential process between the employee and a psychologist is then established.

It is possible to call Dansk Krisekorp's counseling 24 hours a day and get up to three hours of consultation with a licensed psychologist or any other therapist/advisor.

If, after three hours of consultation, the psychologist or advisor evaluates that further consultations are necessary, the employee will be transferred to the referral scheme. In such a case, the employee must send an email to containing 

  • a statement that the employee wishes to be transferred to the referral scheme as well as the name of the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Next, the employee initiates the transfer to the referral scheme by asking her or her immediate supervisor to contact Dansk Krisekorps. At this stage, the employee may choose to involve a union representative.

From this point, the procedure followed is identical with the referral scheme procedure.

If you have questions about the counselling scheme, you are welcome to contact AU HR, Organisational Environment, Team Working Environment, your HR partner or your union representative, who will of course process your enquiry in confidence.

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