AU Estates Project Development

AU Estates Project Development carries out the shared overall functions in relation to estates projects and development.

The administrative division consists of two units: 'Estates Projects and Development Secretariat' and 'Campus Planning and Projects'.

The core task of Estates Projects and Development is to create a physical framework which ensures that current and future space requirements can be met based on optimum use and development of AU land and buildings. All work is carried out in close dialogue with, among others, the senior management team and the faculties and in cooperation with external stakeholders.  

Estates Projects and Development supports the faculties and the administration with competent and specialised advisory services and project implementation in relation to new buildings, reconstruction projects and building layouts, infrastructure, building regulations and building finance.

Units in AU Estates Project Development

Campus Planning and Projeects

The department is responsible project management in relation to new buildings, reconstruction.

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Estates Projects and Development Secretariat

The department is responsible for public sector consultancy, contact with collaborative partners and landlords, contract negotiations, building and project finance, administrative support for the senior management team and Facilities Finance

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