Centre for Educational Development (CED)

The Centre for Educational Development (CED) offers help and consultancy on university education to all academic environments at Aarhus University. All AU teaching staff and coordinators, directors, and executives can get help with their current development work and continuous competency development at the centre.

The CED contribute to the development of a good transition from upper secondary education to the university, engaging study environments, high-quality activating teaching, innovation based on digitalisation, better feedback on students’ learning outcomes, curriculum development, and a good transition from the university to the work-life.

The CED collaborate locally, nationally, and internationally with other innovative environments to ensure that the educational, didactic, and technical choices made by all of us at the universities are based on solid and up-to-date research.

The CED consists of four units

Unit for Digital Development

The Unit for Digital Development is led by Division Manager Anders Hyldig and administers, supports, and further develops AU’s learning management system Brightspace and works with the use of learning technology (educational IT) in teaching. In addition, it develops and maintains projects such as AU Studypedia and AU Educate, user support, systems implementation, and technology development.

Unit for Teaching Development

The Unit for Teaching Development is led by division manager Liza Strandgaard and works with university didactics, methodology, forms of examination and feedback, teaching and learning environments, assessment, and collegial communities.

Unit for Programme Development

The Unit for Programme Development is led by Division Manager Tina Bering Keiding and works with transitions within the educational system, educational design, academic regulations, quality assurance and accreditation.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is headed by Bente Jønshøj deals with course administration, research support, HR, finance, and communication.