AU Finance

AU Finance carries out the shared overall functions in relation to finance.

The administrative division consists of four units: Accounts, Financial Control, Procurement and the Business Intelligence.

The core task of Finance is to offer competent and proactive financial management which supports decision-making processes and to be a strong cooperative partner that asks questions and reflects on the processes and their actual output.

Finance performs supportive administrative tasks for the faculties and the administration within the areas of transactions and accounting, rules/policies related to financial management, financial management systems, management information, purchasing agreements and much more.

Units in AU Finance


Accounts performs tasks pertaining to transactions and accounts across AU. Accounts is managed by Head of Accounting Office Klaus Jensen.

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Financial Control

Financial Control ensures compliance with the overall rules and policies in relation to financial management, operations and support of the financial management systems across AU etc.

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Procurement issues calls for tenders for product and service contracts and offers advisory services regarding contracts pertaining to procurement.

Procurement performs analyses of consumption and contractual compliance.

Procurement continuously monitors suppliers including contractual compliance.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence develops data warehouse and business intelligence solutions for the entire university. This includes management reports to support decision-making, reports to support operations and tools for analysis.

Business Intelligence also works to promote a shared conceptual framework and definitions to be used in connection with reporting.

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