AU IT supports the entire university.

AU IT is dedicated to ensuring efficient, coherent and user-friendly digital solutions for employees and students at Aarhus University.

We are responsible for the university’s IT portfolio management and offer advice for the senior management team on the development and prioritisation of the university’s collective digitalisation efforts.

We offer our knowledge and competences within all phases of the individual digitalisation projects. We contribute to analysing processes, defining business cases and developing IT architecture which ensures that all decisions relating to IT purchases or IT developments are made on a sound basis. 

When a decision for an IT purchase has been made, we contribute to requirement specifications, calls for tenders, risk assessment as well as testing and implementing the IT product. We also ensure that the different solutions are integrated. If no standard systems exist, we design and develop the necessary functionality ourselves.

We ensure that the purchased IT solutions are running smoothly and efficiently, and we also contribute to the continuous management and further development of the solutions. In close cooperation with the faculties’ local IT support, we offer IT support for employees and students at the whole university.

We are responsible for the university web and assist the different academic and administrative environments with the development of websites that efficiently support the digital communication with the university’s internal and external users.

Units in AU IT

IT Staben, Aarhus

IT-staben consists of 2 units:

Omnibus - university paper

Omnibus is the official university paper for employees and students at Aarhus University.

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