Explorative lunch meetings at the Faculty of Arts

Are you interested in exploring cross-disciplinary themes or issues with researchers from other faculties at AU? Have you got a new, untested, bold, experimental or inspiring idea for a new angle on research collaboration between Arts and the other AU faculties (HEALTH, BSS, NAT and TECH)? An explorative lunch meeting at the Faculty of Arts might be exactly what you’re looking for.


The Faculty of Arts is inviting its researchers (assistant professors, associate professors and professors) to propose a variety of cross-disciplinary themes which could be explored at a series of academic lunch meetings with a view to conducting a broad investigation of the cross-disciplinary potential in various new research ideas or fields.

What do you need to do?

Just contact a researcher from another AU faculty and submit a joint proposal for a theme which you think could be a suitable subject for a brainstorm and exchange of ideas involving multiple AU faculties and departments.

Please send your applications in the form of a single PDF file to Lars Lodberg, lalo@au.dk, including:

  • A heading (the topic for the meeting)
  • The name of the researcher at the Faculty of Arts submitting the proposal
  • The tentative title of a brief speed presentation (max. 5-10 min.) on the topic
  • The name of the researcher at HEALTH, BSS, NAT or TECH submitting the proposal
  • The tentative title of a brief speed presentation (5-10 min.) on the topic'
  • A brief pitch of the idea (max. 2,400 characters), explaining why your pro-posal is a good one
  • The environments, units and/or projects at ARTS and AU for which the theme is expected to be particularly relevant
  • Any relevant participants from outside AU

Deadline: You are free to submit a proposal for an explorative lunch at any time.


The three deputy heads of school with responsibility for research and the vice-dean for research will select 5-7 themes for discussion at meetings. A maximum of 15 AU researchers (at any stage of their careers) can sign up for each lunch. The 5-7 themes will be chosen based on the potential of the proposals for creating and cultivating new academic networks between researchers and research environments at Arts and the other faculties at AU.

The faculty secretariat at Arts will deal with the practical arrangements (the venue and registration), and a delicious lunch will be served.

The two researchers submitting the proposal will be asked to introduce the meeting with brief presentations forming a framework for the academic discussion, and providing two different angles on the theme in question. The floor will then be open for discussion.


The purpose of these meetings is to support academic discussions across the AU faculties regarding a variety of themes that researchers at Arts and the rest of AU feel have a promising academic and research potential.

The faculty does not have any expectations about specific results, and the aim of the meetings is to create and expand networks across all the AU faculties – leading hopefully to new ideas, contacts, discussions, projects or collaborations (including research and/or teaching) involving multiple departments.