In case of an emergency, inform AU’s call centre by calling 8715 1617.

The call centre will then assess whether to mobilise the emergency duty officers and the emergency management team.

The call to AU’s emergency phone number must be made after calling 112, in cases in which calling 112 is necessary.

Mobilising the emergency management team

1. The emergency is first reported to Aarhus University’s emergency phone number - 8715 1617 (AU’s call centre).

2. The call centre contacts the emergency duty officer.

3. The emergency duty officer calls the contact persons for building operations, communication and management.

4. The three contact persons then contact the managers of the respective areas.

5. The managers assign people to the emergency management team and the emergency response group on site.

6. The managers call in the necessary personnel from their own units.

7. The managers inform the rest of the organisation and any external stakeholders.

8. The university director calls in support functions in order to maintain operations (business continuity) and calls any emergency response personnel in for a meeting and appoints the emergency response group.

There is a group of employees which has been assigned to function as emergency duty officers and contact persons in case of an emergency. The person from this group who is contacted first assumes the role of emergency duty officer and/or contact person.

See the telephone chain. (It is recommended to print this in A3 format)

AU's emergency phone number:
87 15 16 17