Winter months

Icy roads and snow clearing

The Parks and Gardens Section are responsible for winter road maintenance and snow clearing during the winter months. 

 Winter road maintenance

  • Frozen and slippery roads are de-iced when needed.
  • Only heavily trafficked stairs and pathways will be de-ice.
  • The salting of the entrance ways to the buildings are handled by the local building service units. 
  • De-icing is done using salt. 

We strive to have all key and heavily trafficked entry routes to be salted before 8:00 on weekdays. 


Snow clearing

We strive to have key and heavily trafficked entry routes, pathways and squares cleared for snow and made passable no later than 8:00 on weekdays. 

Large parking areas will not be cleared for snow until after the entry routes have been cleared.  

As a rule, there will be no snow clearing on temporary parking spaces (e.g. gravel parking).