Booking of premises via Aarhus BSS

Employees at AU must use the form below to book rooms that are administered by Aarhus BSS.

When you send a booking request via the form, you will receive a receipt by e-mail immediately afterwards. This is a confirmation that we have received your inquiry - not of the booking itself. Your booking is only accepted when you later receive a final booking confirmation by e-mail.

​You must be on AU's network or VPN to log in to the form. The form is for employees only – students must use the form on the right instead.

Serviceinfo and renovations

Renovation of Stakladen, Hornung, Mortensen and Zieler from June to August 2024

The facilities in Stakladen, Hornung, Mortensen and Zieler in the Conference Center is being renovated from June 1st to August 31st 2024.

Please don’t apply for rooms for events over 80 persons in renovation period.


FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Who can book premises?

All employees at AU can book rooms at Aarhus BSS through our booking form.

If you are a student and need to book rooms for a student association, we refer you to the booking form on the student portal instead. 

Is the room available?

If you want to check whether a room is available before you book, you can look it up online.

Premises in the Conference Centre, Aulaen and Vandrehallen

You can look up the premises in the Conference Centre, Aulaen and Vandrehallen in Outlook.

Go to the calendar view in Outlook and add a calendar at the top via the address book. Then use the room's building number to search for it.

Søauditorierne and other auditoriums

You can look up Søauditoriere and other auditoriums at

Log in to timetable, select Local view in the top menu at the top right and click on Add timetable. Add the room to the overview by searching for the building number.

How is the booking done?

Booking of premises at Aarhus BSS takes place by filling in our booking form. You can either describe your needs and let us find the optimal room, or you can request a specific room.

After this, Aarhus BSS Studieplan or Aarhus BSS buidling services processes your request and examines whether it is possible to assign you the desired room. If they have questions for you during the process, they will contact you directly.

You fill out the form by submitting three types of informationu udfylder formularen ved at indgive tre typer af informationer:

  1. Who wants to book the room
  2. What event will the room be used for?
  3. What premises are needed?

Can I be sure to get the room I want?

No, you cannot, but it will usually be possible to offer you an alternative, if a desired room is occupied.

When you fill in the booking form, your request is sent to either Aarhus BSS Studieplan or Aarhus BSS buildings services, which looks at the possibilities of allocating you the premises and assesses whether the booking is appropriate in relation to the faculty's overall use of the premises.

Your booking is approved when you receive a final booking confirmation by e-mail. The receipt you receive in your inbox immediately after sending a request via the form is not the final booking confirmation.

Which premises can I book?

In the booking form, you can book the premises that Aarhus BSS has at its disposal.

These are the premises that Aarhus BSS manages on behalf of the entire AU: The Conference CentreAulaen og Vandrehallen  and the Søauditorierne.

In addition, it concerns Aarhus BSS' classerooms as well as the faculty Lecture Theatres at Fuglesangs Allé and in Northeast Corner of the University Park.

How far in advance can I book a room?

If you would like to secure a room for an event well into the future, you should primarily look for the rooms in the Conference Center as well as the Aula and the Vandrehallen.These are not prioritized for teaching and can therefore be booked several years in the future.

The auditoriums and teaching rooms, on the other hand, are prioritized for teaching, and this room planning takes place in a fixed planning roll.
Below you can see when it is possible to book auditoriums and teaching rooms at Aarhus BSS:

  • If you want to book an auditorium or teaching room for an event that takes place between 1st of January and 31st of July, you can request the room on 1st of November of the previous year at the earliest.
  • If you wish to book an auditorium or teaching room for an event that takes place between 1st  of August and 31st December, you can request the room on 1st  ofMay of the same year at the earliest.

Read more about the different rooms:

How many rooms can I book at once??

In the form you can book several rooms at once. I formularen kan du booke flere lokaler på én gang, provided they are to be used for the same event. It is therefore possible to book a package with several adjacent rooms for a conference or similar.

You add more premises by filling in point 3 of the form repeatedly and pressing 'Add premises'.

You will be able to see all the desired rooms on the list in the form before you send off your booking request. The first room you add must be the room most important to the running of the event

What about catering, setting up chairs and other practical things?

The form allows you to indicate whether you need catering, equipment and setting up of tables and chairs.This information is used to assess which rooms are most appropriate and whether the booking can be completed if you have expressed a desire for a specific room

If you need catering, special equipment or the like, you must remember to contact those who will deliver it yourself – for example IT, the canteen or building services.

Read more about the practical conditions in the premises:



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Questions for Aarhus BSS's lecture theatres and classrooms as well as the Søauditorierne.