Events in Søauditorierne

Events in Søauditorierne

The Søauditoriums at Aarhus University consist of five separate auditoriums of different sizes, which can accommodate from 56 to 424 people.

The building is for teaching and lectures and therefore has no group or conference rooms, kitchen facilities or cloakroom.

Søauditorierne is located in building 1250-1253. The adress is Bartholins Allé 3, 8000 Aarhus C.

Kapacity in the 5 auditoriums

There is 5 auditoriums in the Søauditorierne, which can be used for teaching and lectures:

  • Per Kirkeby Auditorium (1250-304), 424 persons
  • Eduard Biermann Auditorium (1252-204), 96 persons
  • Jeppe Vontilius Auditorium (1252-310), 100 persons
  • Merete Barker Auditorium  (1253-211), 119 persons
  • William Scharff Auditorium (1253-317), 56 persons (flat floor)

Unlike the other four auditoriums, the William Scharff Auditorium has a flat floor. therefore this auditorium can booked for eg. registration, dining, cloakroom and the like.

Payment and cancellation

When booking outside normal working hours, you must be aware that payment is charged for extraordinary shifts. Payment for extraordinary duty is also charged when canceling a booking of an auditorium, unless notice is given at least 6 weeks before the scheduled date of the canceled event. The event must be removed from the Timetable booking system before the cancellation is valid.

A fee is always charged for extraordinary duty in the hours after 15.00 (Monday-Thursday) and after 14.00 (Friday) and until the end of the event. This also applies, even if the event, for example, only starts at 18.00. On weekends and public holidays, extra duty is only paid for during the hours in which the event is held.

The price per hour is DKK 350 excl. VAT.

Inventory setup

Requirements from the fire authorities

Fixtures may only be set up in the Søauditoeries in specific zones in the foyer and on the landings.

Furniture that invites people to stay may not be set up. This means that café tables and chairs must not be set up, so that it invites people to sit down or stand around tables when eating or drinking.

If you want to set up a buffet or posters, you can book the William Scharff Auditorium for this purpose.

Arrange a line-up with the guard

All setups of inventory must be agreed with the guard. Remember to apply in good time.

The guard can also answer questions about other practical matters.

Ordering extra cleaning

Morning cleaning is carried out in the Søauditoriere every weekday, and it is therefore not cleaned when the day's classes are over. If you have evening and weekend events, you must therefore decide whether you want extraordinary cleaning before your events, as morning cleaning will not be carried out in the intervening time. Extraordinary cleaning can be ordered for a fee by contacting cleaning manager Joan Warthoe on or phone 9350 8660.

Contact and questions

The Søauditoriums is adminstrated by Aarhus BSS Studieplan.

Use the booking button on this page to book the premises.

If you have any questions about the practical conditions in the Søauditorierne, contact the guard:

  • The guard in the Søauditoriums
    Phone.: 8715 2265