Discounts at Sandbjerg Estate, ARoS, Concert Hall Aarhus and The Old Town

As of 1 June 2015, a new pricing structure for the university was introduced at Sandbjerg Estate giving employees at AU a new discount scheme. In 2013, the Aarhus University Research Foundation entered into sponsorship agreements with ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and the Concert Hall Aarhus. The agreement with ARoS was revised as of 15 September 2019. In 2016, the Aarhus University Research Foundation’s Real-estate Company made ab agreement with The Old City (Den Gamle By) in Aarhus – read more about the agreements and benefits for Aarhus University (AU) and our conference guests below.

The vouchers mentioned in the agreements can be ordered via the order form

Sandbjerg Estate

As of 1 June 2015, a new pricing structure for the university will be introduced at Sandbjerg Estate. The cost of 24-hour stays has been reduced by 25 per cent. This change has been introduced in order to make using Sandbjerg Estate for courses and seminars more attractive for Aarhus University’s employees.

The 25 per cent discount applies to Sandbjerg’s 24-hour conference stays. The discount does not apply to additional services such as extra drinks, banquets etc.

The standard price for a 24-hour conference stay is approx. DKK 1350. The discounted price is DKK 1023,75 incl. VAT. In addition, VAT can be deducted (total VAT with the exception of board, where the deduction is 25 per cent of VAT), which brings the total price down to DKK approx. 875.

The discount applies to all participants in events that are arranged by AU. This means that the discount applies to all of the participants in a given event regardless of their place of employment, as long as the organiser is employed at AU. Contact Sandbjerg Gods for information about how to obtain the discount.

Read more about the application process

More information about Sandbjerg Gods

Concert Hall Aarhus

Concert Hall Aarhus offers a 30 per cent discount on the list price of renting premises. Technical assistance, AV equipment and catering are settled separately and as quoted by Concert Hall Aarhus. Book the rooms via Concert Hall Aarhus.

Concert Hall Aarhus also offers:

  • 10-40 per cent discount on ticket prices for shows and events - please note only available by special arrangement with the Concert Hall Aarhus and only when a larger group of AU quests are involved. 
  • Book via Concert Hall Aarhus.

The Old Town

In 2016, Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab A/S (the Aarhus University Research Foundation’s property company) entered into an agreement with Den Gamle By (The Old Town) in Aarhus. More information about this agreement and the advantages it offers to Aarhus University and to our conference guests is available below.

Den Gamle By offers:

  • A 20% discount on the rent of the Helsingør Theater premises, if an order for food and drink in the amount of at least DKK 10,000 is placed for the event in question at the same time.
  • A 10% discount on the list price for food and drink, if the price of the event exceeds DKK 10,000. (2016 prices)
  • Any other use of the premises is subject to agreement with Den Gamle By. Usually, use of premises is included if purchasing food and drink etc. for a certain amount.
  • Until November 30, 2020: Vouchers for admission to Den Gamle By during opening hours in connection with conferences - only for events with external participants. These free vouchers can be used from Monday to Friday all year round except in July and December.
    Please note that it is not possible to order vouchers for Den Gamle By as well as for ARoS. Therefore, please choose between these two options when ordering vouchers.

    Order your vouchers here

ARoS – Please note! New rules as of 15 September 2019

Aarhus University also offers:

  • Free ARoS vouchers for participants in AU conferences which grant them free access to ARoS during opening hours:
    Vouchers are only available for conferences and events that include external participants.
    The vouchers are intended for conference participants to use in connection with their conference stay in Aarhus during their ‘free time’ outside of the conference programme (before, during or immediately after the conference). Vouchers will therefore be valid from Saturday in the week before the conference until Sunday in the week of the conference (example: The conference takes place from Wednesday 14 August until Friday 16 August 2019 – the voucher is valid from Saturday 10 August until Sunday 18 August). When you place an order, you must therefore state in which week the voucher should be valid in connection with the conference/event. Please note that it is not possible to order vouchers for Den Gamle By as well as for ARoS. Therefore, please choose between these two options when ordering vouchers.
  • Free admission tickets to ARoS for visiting professors:
    Please also note that visiting professors at Aarhus University who are serviced by the Relocation Service or who participate in Getting Started events may receive a free admission ticket so that they can visit ARoS for free during their stay. In this case, please contact Talent Development.

Please use this order form

Organising events at ARoS:

If you want to hold an event (welcome reception, guided tour as part of a conference, a meeting as part of a conference etc.) at ARoS, it will most likely require an admission ticket to the museum. In future, vouchers CANNOT be used for this type of event. Admission tickets must be purchased as part of the agreement you make with ARoS. If you are organising an event that includes refreshments, admission tickets will be priced at DKK 85 per participant (standard price is DKK 140). The Aarhus University Research Foundation (which finances vouchers and discount agreements) has also made a special agreement with ARoS to get a 10% discount on AU events (the discount does not apply to admission tickets, which are already offered at a reduced price). To book rooms or make other agreements regarding events, please contact the events department at ARoS:

·         Susanne Kold Jensen 8730 6614

·         Sanne Christensen 8730 6603

For any other questions, please contact Events and Communication Support.