Passata – Aarhus University's own font

A specially designed font has been developed, which is Aarhus University's very own signature font. The font has been named 'Passata'. Passata requires no licences. It can be used free of charge by staff and students at Aarhus University.

Passata helps create a characteristic and recognisable look across the entire design line. As a signature font, Passata is the primary font. It is used for both headings and body text in printed and digital media.

Passata has been developed in three styles:

Georgia – supplementary font

Georgia is used as a supplementary font to Passata. Georgia is a font with serifs and is particularly suitable for letters and heavy text volumes.

Georgia is a standard font available on all computers.

Verdana – for digital media

For digital media, Verdana is used as a dynamic font.