As a general rule, all products include both the logo and the seal, but it is possible to choose not to use the seal for functional or aesthetic reasons, or because the space is taken by the logo of a specific unit. The dean of the faculty in question is responsible for making a decision not to include the seal on a particular product. 

In situations where the university can only be represented by one symbol – for example in certain technical systems or in materials that are produced in collaboration with other organisations – the university’s logo must be used. 

Placement of the Seal

Below are a few examples of how the seal can be used:

The AU logo and seal are displayed with equal prominence on the front page.


The AU logo and the centre logo are equally prominent. Seal optional.


The AU logo with the department/school as the primary sender. With and without the seal.

Download Seal

Download a complete package with the AU seal. The package is divided into the following categories:

  • PDF / EPS / PNG

The history of The Seal

You can read more about the history of the seal here (in Danish).


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