Principles for image style

  • The images are documentary with a distinct aesthetic style.
  • The images are Nordic, simple and factual – and slightly poetic or narrative.
  • They have calm, plain-coloured areas at the top and/or bottom so that the AU logo can be placed in the top or bottom left corner.
  • The images often have large and simple panels which can serve as a background for quotes and boxes, among other things.

Motifs and use of images

  • Individual, double and group portraits (of students, teaching staff, researchers, the Rector's Office)
  • Photos of buildings from the outside and rooms (aesthetic architectural photos with a narrative element in the form of special light and/or special cropping)
  • Details of buildings and furnishings (ideally from slightly unusual angles)
  • Reportage (from research, events/talks/lectures, social activities)

Consider whether the image should be omitted and possibly be replaced by the fifth element or a simple colour panel. A bad image will make the publication look home-made and amateurish.


Examples of images