The fifth element

Peto: The fifth element

  • 'The fifth element' refers to an additional graphic element that supports AU's other graphic elements as a strong, decorative identity marker. The use of Peto ensures strong visual coherence across all media.
  • The fifth element consists of a unique geometric and abstract alphabet. The alphabet is entitled 'Peto' and is unique to Aarhus University.
  • Peto is a further development of the AU logo and makes it possible to write words and sentences that constantly create new graphic looks.

How to use Peto

  • Peto is used to create graphic elements.
  • The Peto graphics must always be based on regular text, which must be found in close proximity to the graphics.
  • Peto has the greatest effect when there are enough characters to fill at least two lines and preferably in multiple layers on top of each other. Point size and line spacing are the same, e.g. 70/70"
  • Everyone at AU can use Peto by means of design templates in either InDesign or Word.


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As the fifth element, Peto is strongly defined by the grid measurements. The basic Peto design is based on a four-column grid. There are exceptions, however, depending on the medium format, e.g. business cards and M65 publications.

Below you can see the measurements defining the grid in various formats.