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AU's SDD concept and associated documents have been approved by the senior management team and the Main Liaison Committee (HSU).

IT support and guides

AU's Staff Development Dialogues are IT supported by AU's staff administrative system, AUHRA. IT support for the SDD process is voluntary and an offer to the manager in connection with the annual SDD. It is therefore possible to use both 'paper-version' and an IT supported version for SDD.

The benefits of use of AUHRA is uniformity in documentation of the dialogues, including agreements, follow-up on agreements in form of reminders as well as easy and quick overview. It is also possible to prepare for the SDD dialogue via AUHRA.

About SDD at Aarhus University

The purpose of SDD

The purpose of SDD is to reconcile mutual expectations and ensure clarity in relation to objectives, tasks, well-being, cooperation and professional and personal development. The SDD dialogue is the dialogue that can link the employee’s professional and personal competence development with the development of the workplace.

At the end of the dialogue, the manager and employee will complete an agreement form together. What is agreed must be entered in the AUHRA IT system, after which it must be approved by the manager. Only the employee and his or her immediate superior are able to read what has been entered.

Who conducts the SDD dialogues

The unit structure at AU determines which managers conduct the SDD dialogues. In this context, the designation "unit" covers the local group where the manager invites employees for SDD dialogues – regardless of whether it is a research group, administrative unit, workshop, laboratory or other work unit charged with a common task.

The individual department or administrative area will define which managers conduct the SDD dialogues with which employees – and report this to AU HR.


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