Academic staff

Job advertisement

Public-sector vacancies must, as a general rule, be advertised in the public domain.

The Appointment Order (Ansættelsesbekendtgørelsen) lays down the overall framework for the employment of staff in positions covered by the Job Structure for Academic Staff at Universities. As a rule, all positions covered by the Job Structure must be advertised.

However, the following exceptions apply:

  • Fixed-term employment/reemployment for less than 1 (2) year(s), see section 9 of the Appointment Order
  • Employment in accordance with section 7 (search committee/appointment without advertisement).
  • Named externally funded positions, see section 8.

Positions at professor and associate professor level must be advertised internationally, except under special circumstances of an academic nature, see section 3.

In spring 2013, the senior management team approved new guidelines for the employment of academic staff at Aarhus University. The guidelines should be viewed as a framework, and the individual faculties have prepared their own rules within this framework. Please see the faculties’ websites (via links on the right-hand side of this page).

See also ten norms for recruitment of permanent members of academic staff.

Consolidation Act on Fixed-Term Employment

The purpose of the Consolidation Act on Fixed-Term Employment (Lov om tidsbegrænset ansættelse)  is, among other things, to establish a framework to prevent "misuse" in connection with successive periods of fixed-term employment.

Pursuant to section 5(2) of the Consolidation Act on Fixed-Term Employment, the fixed-term contract of an employee engaged in teaching and research activities, may only be extended twice.

Certificates of employment

Pursuant to the Statement of Terms and Conditions Act (Lov om ansættelsesbeviser) and the circular on the obligation of the employer  to inform the employee of the terms of employment (Cirkulære om arbejdsgiverens pligt til at underrette arbejdstageren om vilkårene for ansættelsesforholdet), the university must inform the employee of a number of  conditions set out in the act, which is done by means of a letter of appointment.

The duty of disclosure applies to all staff members employed for more than one month, and whose average weekly working hours exceed eight hours. If the average weekly working hours of an employee are less than eight hours at the commencement of the contract, the university's duty of disclosure will apply once the weekly working hours of the employee have exceeded an average of eight hours in the preceding four-week period.

Collective agreements

The Ministry of Finance of Denmark has entered into a collective agreement for state-employed academics with a number of the organisations under the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. Terms of pay and employment are regulated by the collective agreement for state-employed academics.

Clinical positions at Health: As regards clinical professors and clinical associate professors, please contact HR at the Faculty of Health.

Local pay agreements

Local pay agreements may have been concluded for various faculties. For further information, please see the faculties’ websites.


For further information, please see the faculties’ websites.