The university’s terms of notice

Employees covered by a collective agreement

When the university dismisses an employee, the term of notice depends on the employee’s seniority.

Seniority is based on how long the employee has been employed at Aarhus University without interruptions.

However, for employees covered by the collective agreement for administrative officers and laboratory technicians, seniority is calculated from the time when the employee started working in the service of the State, if the employee transferred to Aarhus University directly (without interruption) from another government institution.

The university’s terms of notice for salaried employees are stipulated in section 2 of the Danish Salaried Employees Act (Funktionærloven). If the employee is not a salaried employee, and thus not covered by the Danish Salaried Employees Act, it has been agreed in the multi-union collective agreement for the Organisations of Public Employees – Denmark (State) (OAO-S) (OAO-S-fællesoverenskomsten), the multi-union collective agreement for the Confederation of Teachers Unions and the Danish Confederation of Public Employees of 2010 (LC/CO10) (LC/CO10-fællesoverenskomsten) and the collective agreement with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC-overenskomsten) that the terms of notice stipulated in the Danish Salaried Employees Act apply.

For salaried employees covered by section 2 of the Danish Salaried Employees Act, the university has the following terms of notice:

A term of notice of:  

Before the end of:
1 month 5 months
3 months 2 years and 9 months
4 months    5 years and 8 months
5 months 8 years and 7 months
6 months   subsequently

Before the university dismisses an employee with a term of notice set out in the collective agreement, the employee will be consulted regarding the planned dismissal, see section 19 of the Danish Public Administration Act (Forvaltningsloven). The period of consultation in respect of a planned dismissal will be added to the individual term of notice.

Within the probationary period, the employee may be dismissed with a shorter term of notice of 14 days.

Hourly-paid employees have shorter terms of notice than salaried employees.

For employees outside of the area covered by the multi-union collective agreements (journalists and student workers under the collective agreement for Studenteransattes Landsforbund (SUL) (SUL-overenskomsten)), reference is made to the provisions of the collective agreements.

Public servants and employees employed on similar terms

Specific procedures must be used when dismissing public servants, as laid down in the Danish Civil Servants Act (Tjenestemandsloven).