Consultation procedure

According to the rules on consultation in the Danish Public Administration Act (Forvaltningsloven), when the university in its capacity as employer intends to make a decision on dismissal or summary dismissal of an employee, it must, as a general rule, consult the relevant employee before making its final decision.

The employee must be consulted on both the factual and legal basis for the decision, and the employee’s views are then taken into account in the university’s consideration of whether it wishes to maintain the decision on dismissal or summary dismissal of the employee.

The consultation procedure gives the employee an opportunity to know the basis of the university’s decision and to comment on the case before a final decision is made.

The employee may comment both orally and in writing. If the employee comments on the case orally, the university is obliged to record the contents of the employee’s statement, see section 13 of the Danish Access to Public Administration Files Act (Offentlighedsloven) on duty to record.