Automatic clean-up and deletion of emails

Office 365 - Automatic cleanup and deletion of emails

In Outlook, you can assign different policies to your personal folders. These policies can automatically delete emails older than a specific date in a given folder. Personal folders are folders you have created yourself. You cannot assign policies to system folders. System folders are folders such as “Inbox”, “Deleted items” etc.


The policies you can assign are:

  • 1 Week Delete
  • 1 Month Delete
  • 6 Month Delete
  • 1 Year Delete
  • 2 Year Delete
  • 5 Year Delete

How to do it:

1.       Mark the folder you wish to assign the policy to.

2.       Click on “Assign Policy” in the menu bar and select “Set Folder Policy”.


3.       Choose the policy you wish to assign and click ”Ok”