Automatic clean-up and deletion of emails

Inside Outlook you are able to add different policies on your personal folders.

These policies can automatically delete e-mails when they are older than a specific chosen date. 

How to create an automatic clean-up and deletion of e-mails

  1. Mark the folder you want to add a policy to
  2. Click ”Tildel politik” in the menu and choose ”Angiv mappepolitik…”

3. Choose the wanted policy and click ”Ok”

Personal folders are folders that you create yourself.

Note: You can not add policies to systemfolders - that are folders like your inbox, deleted mails etc.

The policies you can add are shown to your right: 

  • 1 Week Delete
  • 1 Month Delete
  • 6 Month Delete
  • 1 Year Delete
  • 2 Year Delete
  • 5 Year Delete