How to add a function related email in Outlook

All functions (department secretariats, student guidance, etc.), positions (department head, dean, etc.) and units (departments, centres, etc.) at the university should have a permanent institutional email address and mailbox in the common mail system. If they don't have one, it is their own responsibility to order an institutional email at IT Support.

Other groups can also have a function related email if the contact IT Support. However, the email address and mailbox must be work related.

Students and student organisations cannot have a function related email in the common mail system. This also applies if the student in question is employed as student assistent. In stead students and student organisations are offered a solution via Mailman. Read more about Mailman here

All function related mailboxes are set up as shared mailboxes and can be accessed by more than one. 

Each function email will have an owner who is identified with an AU ID. The owner is responsible for the account. Owners decide who else are allowed to get access.

Please contact your local IT support if you want a new function-related email address-


AU IT approves new function-related mailboxes. In a matter of dispute, they consult Rector's Office - Communication and Press. 

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