Business Intelligence, AU Finance

Business Intelligence develops data warehouse and business intelligence solutions for the entire university. This includes management reports to support decision-making, reports to support operations and tools for analysis.

Business Intelligence also works to promote a shared conceptual framework and definitions to be used in connection with reporting.

Thomas Tandskov Dissing

Head of Business Intelligence

Employees in Business Intelligence

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Dissing, Thomas Tandskov Head of Business Intelligence +4593517752 1918, 230
Gebbink, Anne-Marie Chief/Special Consultant 1918, 229
Klemmensen, Flemming IT Staff Member 1918, 229
Lynge, Bjarne BI Consultant +4521337922 1918, 229
Mihai, Lucian Senior Data Engineer 1918, 229
Tandberg, Ingrid Business Intelligence konsulent 1918, 229
Tsutsumanov, Petko BI Developer +4593508889 1918, 229
Vestergaard, Henrik BI Developer 1918, 229