Budgets, AU Finance

Budgets is responsible for the following:

  • Providing e.g. advisory services and support during decision-making processes for the senior management team and the board in connection with finance-related matters at AU
  • Interpreting documents pertaining to the government’s proposed annual budget and internal distribution of government appropriations
  • Financial management across AU including financial model, costs and resource allocation
  • Budgets and budget follow-up including external and internal AU accounts, consolidation and quality assurance
  • Annual accounts, specified purpose accounts and contributions to the annual report
  • Policies, rules and regulations, instructions, guidelines, etc. in the financial control area
  • Management information including research statistics, AU in figures, university statistics and other key figures

Employees in Budgets

Sørensen, Morten Vils Chief Consultant morten.vils@au.dk 23 81 28 54 1918, 335
Østergaard, Mikael Special Consultant mikael.oestergaard@au.dk Teams or Skype 1918, 335
Østergaard, Stine Martor Special Consultant stine.oestergaard@au.dk Teams or Skype 1918, 335
Jørgensen, Sara Lentz Controller sara.lentz@au.dk Teams or Skype 1918, 335
Garlov, Daniel Controller daniel.garlov@au.dk Teams or Skype 1918, 335