Forskningsstøtte på Arts

På institutterne på Arts kan disse personer kontaktes angående forskningsstøtte:

Pernille Roholt

Ledelsesrådgiver Institut for Kommunikation og Kultur - IKK's ledelsessekretariat

Henrik Nitschke

Forskningskonsulent DPU - Danmarks institut for Pædagogik og Uddannelse - Sekretariatet, Emdrup

Thomas Erslev

Forskningskonsulent Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Kultur og Samfund, institutsekretariat

Changes in support provided by the Research Support Office as of 1 August 2017

It is a strategic priority for Aarhus University and the ARTS Faculty to take home an increased share of external research funding, including the Horizon2020 framework. This has led to a positive increase in the number of Arts-researchers applying for external funding – in close cooperation with the Faculty, the research consultants and the Research Support Office (RSO).

In order for the Research Support Office to accommodate this increased volume of applications and continue to deliver high quality support for researchers applying for external funding, a new set of guidelines have been set up. The guidelines are in agreement with Faculty of Arts and they will be effective by 1 August 2017.

The new guidelines from the Arts-team at RSO

The Arts-team wants to provide the researchers with the best quality of support possible and the following initiatives are an attempt to prioritize the work and resources of the team when it comes to assistance with applications for external funding.

  • General deadlines: A set of general internal deadlines will be applied for requesting the assistance of RSO, depending on the complexity and size of the application - please see table of deadlines. For enquiries after such deadlines assistance cannot be guaranteed (mandatory minimum support for EU proposals excluded). The purpose of this is to make sure the team can manage all tasks in the continuous flow of applications, especially during peak periods.
  • A minimum grant size: RSO will not be assisting with any application under DKK 500.000,- (excluding Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s International Network Programme).
  • PhD-students and researchers applying for individual postdoc grants can no longer receive help from the RSO with the exception of applications for incoming Marie Cure Individual Fellowships. Assistance with postdoc applications for Carlsberg and DFF–International Postdoc will no longer be provided by the RSO.
  • Re-budgeting of previous applications will be taken care of by the AR Finance (projektøkonomer)

Other available help for researchers

  • Participation in RSO’s workshop on Good Grantmanship and the Danish Funding Landscape. It mainly targets PhDs and postdocs with little or no experience in grant writing. More information can be found here.
  • The RSO offers online advice and tools for grant writing. This includes advice on how to put together your CV and budget.
  • AR Finance can help put together budgets based on standard levels of salary and other expenses.

The arrangement between ARTS and The Research Support Office will be evaluated after a year in terms of assessing the number of applications for which AR Finance and the RSO provide assistance.