Cleaning procedures at Nat-Tech

Cleaning of offices

Offices Meetingrooms Educationrooms Toilets Hallways Kitchenette

Cleaning of free surfaces

1/week   1*   1   1   5   1   2
Floor wash 1/week   1*   1   1   5   1   2
Garbage 1/week   5   5   5   5

* One person-offices are cleaned every 2nd week.

Employees in the offices should empty their own garbage themself, throw out paper, cardboard boxes and similar to reuse or disposal.

Every office will be offered a bowl or a plastic bag for garbage and a box for collection of paper which should be emptied in the papercontainers.

Furthermore there has been set up containers/places for collection of cardboard, glass and residual waste. There has been established garbage areas which are located centrally in the buildings.  

Cleaning of the laboratories:

Garbage Floor Surfaces
Dry room 1/week 5 1 1
Wet room


5 2 1