The Building Services Division at the Faculty of Arts

About us

The Building Services Division at the Faculty of Arts ensures that the operation, maintenance and development (including improvements and innovation) of the faculty’s buildings, grounds and facilities provide the best possible support for the faculty’s core activities: education, research and public-sector consultancy.

The Building Services Division has its own staff to handle the operation and maintenance of buildings in Emdrup, in Kasernen, in the Nobel Park and on Trøjborgvej. The Tåsingegade, Katrinebjerg and Moesgaard facilities are run with the help of other AU units and external providers.

Staff and management

Contact Maintenance Office Emdrup

Building A, room 001

Service telephone: (45) 93 52 18 50

You can call us Monday-Thursday: 07:00-14.15, Friday: 07:00-13:45

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Contact Maintenance Office Aarhus

Opening Hours, Maintenance Office Aarhus

Building 1467, room 123

Office hours on weekdays: 11:00-12:00

Service telephone: (45) 87 15 05 36

You can call us on weekdays at: 07:00-17:00

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Calls during holidays

Between Christmas and the New Year: 07:00-16:00

Summer holiday (July/August): 07:00-16:00