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OBS: Logo generator generates initially a logo in the layout defined in the unit registry

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There are rules for allowed logo colours. For all logos other than AU's primary logo variants, only the primary colours may be used.
Preview logo on the following backgroundcolour
There are rules for the combination of logo colour and background colour:
Colors with the same number may be combined.
In addition, colours (without 75% black) and black logo are used on white background, just as white logo may be used on all background colours and on black background.
Logo layout
Force unit name on one line (Only relevant for layout A)
Position of logo in template
See how to build an email signature and download a template
PNG logos are pixel-based and suitable for use in office applications .
They need to be inserted in original size to get it best possible result.
White background works best in Microsoft Office
PDF logos are scalable vector-based files, suitable for use in professional layout programs such as Adobe Indesign