Logo and seal at the Nat and Tech faculties

Policy for using logo mark and logotype at Nat and Tech

Natural Sciences and Technical have adopted a policy for the use of logos at the faculties. Read about rules and guidance about:

  • logotype
  • secondary logo
  • seal


  • Nat and Tech use AU’s logotype, where Aarhus University is at the top in capital letters and the name of the unit is below in small capitals. The logotype is used by all units at the faculty, in all contexts and in all languages.
  • The name of the unit in the logotype is used by the faculties, departments, DCA, DCE, BIRC and  QGG. Department sections, research centres and other smaller units use the department’s logo type.

EXAMPLE: Logotype for Technical Sciences. Aarhus University at the top in capital letters, name of the unit at the bottom in small capitals:

Example logotype for a department:

Secondary logo

  • Secondary logos are only assigned in exceptional circumstances at Nat and Tech, and only by agreement with the dean. See FAQ. In such cases, the secondary logo must be professionally designed.
  • Secondary logos are always secondary to AU's logo and must not appear alone e.g. on websites, merchandise etc.
  • A secondary logo does not replace the AU logo on websites, but is placed on the right side below the focus field. The secondary logo must not be graphically dominant.
  • Secondary logos that have not been approved or assigned by the dean of  Nat or Tech dean must be processed by the Dean's Secretariat for potential approval.

Example: secondary logo for the thematic interdisciplinary centre WATEC:


  • As a general rule, both the logo and the seal appear on all products, but the seal can be omitted for functional or aesthetic reasons.

Aarhus University’s seal:

Read more about using AU’s logo in general and download logo and seal

FAQ - How to use logo og secondary logo

Can I choose a different version of the AU logo where my unit is at the top?
No. Nat and Tech have decided that we only use the version of the logo named 'Variant 2a', where Aarhus University is at the top.

Who is allowed to have a secondary logo?
As a rule, at Nat and Tech only thematic centres, basic research centres (Centres of Excellence), VILLUM centres, Lundbeck centres and centres under the Novo Nordisk Foundationn Challenge Programme can be assigned a secondary logo.

We have made a draft for a secondary logo, can we get it approved?
A secondary logo must be designed professionally and be related to AU's design line graphically. However, it might well be based on your own ideas and wishes for what the logo should contain. Send your draft to the Dean's Secretariat, and we will communicate with the graphic department.

How to use the secondary logo
The secondary logo never occurs alone, but always in the context of the AU logo. The AU logo and secondary logo must not be placed so close together that they appear as a single logo, and the secondary logo must not be graphically dominant. Read more about the use of secondary logos.

Where to place the secondary logo
In graphic materiel, the general rule is that the AU logo must be positioned in the top left corner or the bottom left corner. The secondary is usually placed in the lower right corner. On websites, the secondary logo is placed on the right side under the focus field.