ProjectTime is a function in mitHR, where you register time on projects, if the project requires this.

For employees: Getting starting with ProjektTid

View projects with work time registration requirements and budget

This report provides you with an overview of projects you have hours budgeted on and what projects you need to register work time for: PB10 - Projektleder - Projektopfølgning - Power BI

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You can access the report in ProjektTid by clicking Budget/hours.

Important to know

This site has information exclusively on ProjectTime in mitHR.

Functionally there is no relation between ProjectTime and Absence in mitHR.

For information and guides on Absence in mitHR please look here

The purpose of registration of time on projects is to document time spent for the project’s external funders. Therefore:

  • Registration in ProjectTime relates only to the time spent directly towards the specific project on a given day.
  • If you worked a full standard day (7,4) with ½ hour lunchbreak, time spent on the project is 6,9 hours.
  • The system does NOT support registration of work hours or flexitime. If you want to record flexitime refer to Flexitime timesheet here

I ProjectTime hours and minutes are specified in decimal numbers. That is,

  • 1 hour and 30 min registers as 1,5.
  • 6 hours and 54 minutes registers as 6,9
  • In this link you will find a table for conversion.

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